Intergenerational Linkage in the Agro-ecological Based Farming Communities

PELUM Ethiopia in collaboration with Best Practice Association (BPA) is organizing two day training on inter-generational linkage in the Agro-ecological based farming communities for selected youth and elders located in Lude Hitosa Woreda and held on February 25, 2023 in Huruta Town. The training aimed to develop intergenerational linkage between the young and old generation on their indigenous farming practices.

 The knowledge sharing program was commenced by the welcome speech from the woreda head of agriculture, Mr. Shita and key note speech was delivered by Dr. Hailu Araya, PELUM Ethiopia director. The session was officially opened by elders’ ritual.

 During the program, selected model Agro-ecological based farmers shared their knowledge to the young generation on topics like Integrated Farming, simple compost making, Bee Hiving, Nursery Management, Animal and Animal Feed production. Samples of their respective works was also on display. Participants reflected on each separate sessions and general understanding on applying and enhancing good Agro-ecological practices was created amongst the participants. 

The session brought together around 86(10F) participants mainly Farmers, district Bureau of agriculture head, Woreda Agriculture bureau experts, extension agents and PELUM staffs.